Instagram card. What is it and how to use it?

According to Instagram, around 200 million people visit at least one business profile every day.

“How can I make it exactly my profile?” You ask. Let's try to help with this and learn how to create an Instagram business card.

Such a business card is an analogue of a QR code. The user scans it and automatically goes to your profile. Agree, it's much easier than dictating the name of your account.

The creation of an insta business card will not take much time. Click on the sandwich icon (three stripes) in the upper right corner and select the QR code section. And then a simple constructor will help you create an original picture.

Instagram offers three design options:

Play with the tools and choose what suits your spirit.

You can use this business card in different ways. Show it to the client from your phone or send it in a personal message. It also fits well into the design of printed advertising materials: business cards, stickers, leaflets.

If you are the owner of a coffee shop, gym, hairdresser or other place where people often take pictures, try to arrange your business card as a poster or small sign. Visitors will be able to tag you in photos and follow your account more often.

Clothing stores may place this code on labels or wrapping paper. And when your customer is asked where he got such a thing, he will simply show a tag with your business card. Well, isn't it grace?

In general, with proper use, an Instagram business card can become an effective promotion tool. And this is arguably the most delicate way to push a user to become your follower. And then the client.

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