Basic taboo of Instagram part 2

Let's continue the topic of saving your account on Instagram.

4. On Instagram, it is prohibited to promote and sell anything that is prohibited by law (offering sexual services, buying / selling firearms, online games for real money, etc.).

Example: Medical company X, among other things, decided to sell drugs through Instagram. But they did not take into account that for the sale of prescription drugs, the social network punishes account blocking. Even if in a specific region this drug is allowed to be dispensed without a prescription.

5. You cannot publish content on Instagram that contains real threats to someone, hostile statements, as well as materials that may humiliate or offend a certain person.

Example: Ilona has her own stylish women's clothing store. To increase engagement on Instagram, she started a wardrobe parsing section. A photograph was published of how you don't need to dress and a photograph of a model stylishly dressed in clothes from Ilona's store. And all would be fine, but the 'bad' example was photographed on the streets of the city. And when one of the heroines of the column saw her photo with criticism under it, she was offended and complained about Ilona.

The bottom line is clear - the Instagram account was blocked.

6. An account can be blocked if the author publishes calls to self-harm, encourages other people to harm their health.

Example: Company F decided to joke and posted 10 ways to punish themselves for forgetting to buy their coffee. Among other things, there were references to physical harm to oneself (such as biting the tongue, for example). The social network did not appreciate the company's joke. The account was blocked.

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