Giveaway on instagram pros and cons

Instagram has many ways to share in a safe way. Givas are one of them.

Giveaway is a competition with a large number of sponsors (usually 10 or more). To participate in the prize draw, the user must subscribe to all accounts of the organizers.

Gives can be roughly divided into:

1. Stellar.

A subscriber donor is a star who publishes a post with a call to participate in the competition. The prize in such a giveaway should be attractive to the widest possible audience (apple technology, car, etc.).

2. Blogging.

Sponsors are bloggers who are not yet millionaires, but still have a significant audience. Prizes are usually purchased as attractive to a wider audience.

3. Thematic.

All sponsors are linked by the same theme and plus or minus a similar target audience. The prize also promotes segmentation. For example, bloggers-moms, sling consultants, child psychologists, shops of children's clothing, toys for children unite and a children's electric car becomes a prize. Thus, the majority of the giveaway participants will most likely be people with children.

Advantages of this promotion method:

1. Accelerated growth of new subscribers.

2. Thematic givas help you segment your audience a bit.


1. The cost of participation can range from 2,000 to 100,000 rubles.

2. Unsubscriptions after giveaway completion can be up to 70-80%.

3. A sharp drop in coverage, because Instagram algorithms, due to long and massive unsubscriptions, decide that your content has become of poor quality.

4. There are many unscrupulous third-party organizers, there is a high risk that you will simply be 'thrown for money'.

5. You cannot segment your audience in detail.

6. People who come for free rarely buy something later, even if they don't unsubscribe from you.

7. There is a risk that the social network will block your account. The probability is low, but it is there.

It is up to you to participate or not.

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